About Us

We’re Oscar & Christina

She’s clearly the gorgeous one in this partnership. Together, Christina and I run our family-owned photography and videography company, Oscar Spearman Photography & Videography, LLC.

Our Story

Together, we have SIX beautiful kids: 5 daughters and 1 son. Yes. That’s eight of us!

I’m originally from Miami, Florida, and “Chrissy” is from Atlanta, Georgia where we live. Around 2007, photographing my family and doing impromptu street photography of complete strangers, paved me the way for my current path of photography and videography.

She’s a former beauty and fashion model and pageant winner, and is now a make-up artist. She’s great at styling as well, and knows how to make people feel comfortable during our sessions. She’s gifted.

Our Style

We love meeting new people, and photographing the special moments that make up the stories of their lives. Clients love working with us because our sessions are always fun and light-hearted.

We’ve worked with actors and actresses needing new headshots; new and experienced models wanting to improve their portfolios; business owners needing eye-catching images for their brand’s website and print material; and families wanting professional portraits to preserve their special moments in photo albums and decorative wall art throughout their home.

Our Approach

As a photographer, I consider myself a “Moment Photographer.” I focus on photographing people during memorable moments.

I also love teaching new photographers ways to improve their photography. My personal philosophy is, “There is no such thing as a ‘bad’ photograph. There’s always a lesson to learn from every photo. You simply have to keep an open mind and continue improving.”

Whether shooting family portraits, senior portraits, headshots, fashion, editorial campaigns, or brides and grooms, Christina and I love making great photographs. Our goal is to help capture the essence of the individuals we work with.

Christina and I have built a great relationship together, which exudes when working with people.


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